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Book of the Archmage

Arcanos, Chronomancy, Illusions, Charms, Cantrips, and Summonings

I'm a rather unusual person. I'm truely not a bigot, a racist, a religious person, or a fan of salad. I tend to say things merely because I think they're funny. This tends to drive my wife insane.

If you find that you like this journal, feel free to add me to your friends list. I'll probably return the favor as soon as I realize its happened. If that takes me a bit, I apologize.

Tarot Cards
The Phoenix
The Phoenix rise from the ashes renewed and with great purpose. Ascending to the skys to achieve whatever they set out to achieve. Their Queen stands with them, a symbol of power, and purpose.
Divinatory Meanings: Award, and Achievement. This is a card of Renewal, and of ascension. The Phoenix will unrelentingly seek its purpose, and even when defeated by death itself, it revives and returns to achieve what it set out to do.
Reversed: Abandonment and Defeat. Reversed the Phoenix is a card of whole failure. The Phoenix rises from its ashes, but in its ashen state can do nothing to stand against adversity. Unless it can find the strength to renew itself it can no longer achieve, and can no longer ascend.
Trump Card Uses: The Phoenix as a Trump can be used to transport an individual to their initial point of origin by way of achieved sentience. The moment where whole sentience was achieved, frequently at the age of 3 or 4 for humans is where the card will take you. Alternatively, the card can be used to assure victory to any RISK game. If the user of the Phoenix Trump is the_archmage, the Trump can be used to roast marshmellows or hotdogs.

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