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Sep. 14th, 2008 @ 10:50 pm Running along...
Magic Mirror: depressedmoody
This weekend was a lot of fun. On Saturday we had a trip up to the Chicagoland area with myself and 7 of my friends. It was a great time, we played 3 games of Laser Tag, and went to Dave and Busters (which is like an adult version of Chucky Cheese). Everyone really enjoyed themselves, and I now know how dangerous my friends are. These f'n people are sharpshooters! Seriously.

Today followed up yesterday with a mini-movie marathon at another friends house where we watched The Last Dragon, The Big Hit, & Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang. It was also a great time just sitting around talking about the events of Laser Tag and what's going on in the gaming group. It was wonderful to just spend some time relaxing.

However all of this is currently overshadowed by the large amount of work I need to get done tomorrow. I was faaaar too lazy on Friday and subsequently I need to play catch up, of sorts. My blue-ness is further exacerbated by feeling a touch of burnout with the club. It really is like a second job.

The group is a labor to organize, and can be outright depressing when you pour all this effort in to making events for it that get a small turn out. Additionally monitoring the personalities we have and where conflicts can occur is also a slight chore. There is also a gaming convention coming up and I want us to run events for it, but I seem to be getting no help at all. As a result of the things I have to do for it I'm feeling a bit consumed.

...I suppose that's the result of starting with 3 members and now having 63.
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